Codes of Conduct

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Kepping Golfers Safe

Lanarkshire Golf Association are committed to making golf accessible for all within our community and to this end we have in association with Scottish Golf developed a codes of conduct for both our Junior players and their Responsible Persons to that before a ball is teed off, all parties are fully aware of the standards of conduct and behaviour that are expected when engaging in our own events or those of our partner clubs.


Competition Terms of Entry and Participation

Please visit or Junior Events tab for full conditions of entry and participation in our junior events


Code of Conduct Declarations

Each season from 2024, all players and their responsible persons will be required to read and accept their respective codes of conduct prior to the approval of any player registration in our own events including any team matches that we play.  The information will be securely retained by the Association and will be deleted at the conclusion of each playing year.


Boys Code Of Conduct - Link


Parent / Responsible Person Code of Conduct - Link


Codes Of Conduct Declaration Form 2024

Before entering a LGA published competition all players will be required firstly to complete the 2024 Code of Conduct Declaration which can be found by scanning the following QR code or clicking on the image which will open the form in your browser.

A qr code on a blue backgroundDescription automatically generated

Click on QR Code or scan to activate the form


Within the form both players and their responsible person will be required to complete the relevant personal information which, when completed, will automatically be sent to the Association for review and secure storage.


Speak up and Keep Our Golfers Safe

The Association will not tolerate any behaviour that has the potential to expose our young golfers, their families, or our Executive members to any form of inappropriate conduct and we welcome the submission of a conduct report if you fell that the conduct of anyone associated with our events falls short of what we are trying to achieve.  Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be managed appropriately.  If you wish to submit a conduct report, please scan the following QR code or click on the image which will open the form in your browser.follow this link.


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